Illustrated book about Tschernobyl 1986

Team: Daniel Fitzgerald, Yuko Stier, Hannes Nordiek

previousLogo of the bookLogo of the book Visualising the invisible radiation.      Book CoverBook Cover The logo was integrated on the front and the back of the book. Glow in the dark inkGlow in the dark ink   The book consists of two pieces:The book consists of two pieces: On the right you can see the front page of the illustrated storyline. The underlying texts were collected in a second book which is contained in the fron cover.
This way the reader can look at the illustrations and read the texts at the same time.
PripjatPripjat Some inhabitants of Pripjat said they were fascinated by the mysterious glow that came from the power station that night.      Wladimir StarowoitowWladimir Starowoitow was fishing in the cooling water lake of the power station when the accident occured. DetailDetail   DetailDetail   Text and IllustrationText and Illustration   DetailDetail        Text BookText Book   Text BookText Book The underlying texts were collected in a seperate book.      PripjatPripjat 3 days after the accident the city, that was build excusively for the employees of the powerstation, still was not evacuated.
The people were not informed how bad the situation really was.
The SarcophagusThe Sarcophagus With an enormous effort the sarcophagus was build in 1984 within 6 month. It covers 80% of the old Powerstation. Final StorageFinal Storage   Glow in the Dark InkGlow in the Dark Ink Radiation drawn by Robert Engelsmann      Vector IllustrationsVector Illustrations   next